But the record store guy says belt-drives are better..?

Ah yes, the good old record store guy, who paradoxically often knows very little about records or how to play them!

Record store guys know more about records and less about turntables, trust me on this. Anyway, it’s like saying red is better than blue, it’s just not that simple.

There are excellent belt-drive and direct-drive turntables, it’s not the drive method alone that determines system performance. Unfortunately, most people aren’t interested in or able to understand the technical details, nor have they been exposed to the range of equipment necessary to form a valid opinion.

How many record store guys do you think have listened to an SL-1000, PD-350 or L-07D for example, let alone owned one of these holy grail machines? A lack of experience and technical knowledge lies at the heart of so many incorrect statements, rumours and misinformation in audio and elsewhere.