Record Storage – IKEA Kallax Makes Storing Vinyl a Breeze!

Organising vinyl can be challenging at the best of times. If you’ve ever watched High Fidelity, and you should have, you’ll know that you can spend ages just working out how to categorise and sort your records. Before we get to that though, there is the age-old issue of how to store them…

Well, I’m happy to say that IKEA comes to the rescue once again, with a great range of storage solutions that suit records perfectly. I highly recommend the Kallax range of storage, in funky colours, and a range of sizes to suit any collector. I chose the 8 partition Kallax in green and I think you’ll agree, it looks cool and stores records beautifully.

My Kallax can hold 60 – 70 records in each partition, including double albums, 180 gram releases, gatefolds etc. An 8-bay Kallax like the one pictured here should hold 500 records or more with ease. The Kallax cost me just $99, so this is very affordable storage. It beats the hell out of some of the ridiculous custom record storage solutions out there.

Kallax can be wall-mounted, free-standing, mounted on castors, stacked on top of one another – the possibilities are almost endless. They are sturdy, well-made pieces and the only hassle is putting them together. You’ll need some floor space and a hammer, plus a little patience.

If you need space to store records, CDs and accessories, I strongly suggest you have a look at the IKEA Kallax range. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!







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3 thoughts on “Record Storage – IKEA Kallax Makes Storing Vinyl a Breeze!”

  1. Fico lindo esse toca disco parabéns
    perdemos um Ícone da Musica foi minha Juventude.
    gostei da sua sala muito bacana Você tem bastante discos Eu so tenho 60 tudo da época de 80 a 98 um abraço e continue fazendo esse trabalho bonito.

  2. I’m surprised how much space there is. I’ve been collecting jazz LP’s and right now they’re on an open shelf on the floor. Not a good place. Stay well.

    1. Hi Chris, yeah this setup really works well, I can recommend it if you want to store those rare and collectible jazz LP’s! I haven’t forgotten about your email by the way, been flat out but will reply soon! Cheers, Mike.

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