Should I send my equipment overseas instead of booking with a reputable local repairer?

I hope the answer to this one is obvious.

A guy contacted me recently and was really annoyed that he couldn’t get his equipment in for attention immediately. He went on to tell me that he would no longer support local businesses and that he would instead send his equipment away for service. OK.

Nobody likes waiting, but busy schedules tell you a lot. I think most people would rather wait for a booking with an excellent, busy local repairer, than send their equipment overseas, to an unknown fate, with the costs of shipping and insurance and all the risks that shipping entails. I know I would, but I also get that we are all different.

Good repairers are busy for a reason and I would be worried if someone wasn’t busy. You can’t blame people for being busy, and Perth residents are actually very lucky to have several really highly regarded repairers based here in Perth. This is a win for local equipment owners and for the classic hi-fi scene in general.

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