Why should I make a donation?

You can make a donation because you recognise the value of good advice and appreciate the time and expertise needed to provide it, or because you’d like to show appreciation for the articles, reviews or anything else here you’ve found helpful.

It’s no secret that good advice is like gold. Unfortunately, a lot of what masquerades as good advice is time-wasting misinformation or nonsense. Audio forums are the worst places for this. Finding good advice and specialists willing to give their time to provide it isn’t easy, but worth it.

Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s what two people I’ve advised have to say:

Tony: “Wonderful article. Your videos and articles are a terrific resource for people who love hi-fi, but don’t know what is good and what is over-hyped and over-priced stuff. I encourage people to support Mike and his business with a small donation, as I have recently done. He is truly independent and calls it as he sees it, which is difficult to find these days. Hi fi magazines are full of glowing reviews, from brands that also advertise with the magazine. Hard to know if that impacts their reviews or not.”

Jon: “Spend $10 or $20 to get the best real advice you can find from Mike, and please, stop quoting forum posts as authorities.
Only the guys who actually work, live and breathe this stuff, really know what they are doing.
Trust them: not random strangers, shills and very biased (sometimes blind) owners.
Else you can end up with some very expensive mistakes that for a few dollars sent his way, Mike can save you from.”

I’m genuinely happy to help those who appreciate that helping means I’m not fixing customer equipment, writing invoices, returning calls, ordering parts or looking over schematics. The hundreds of articles, reviews and FAQs that people seem to find useful don’t write themselves either.

Donations provide some compensation for time spent assisting people and:

  • Allow visitors anywhere in the world to receive the same professional service and expert advice as local customers
  • Offer high-value: good advice can save time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars
  • Benefit both parties and deliver enquirers who value the time and effort needed to provide this type of assistance

For reference, a beer ($10) covers about 5 minutes of my time.