Why should I make a donation?

In this context, two reasons:

1. You want genuinely great advice from a trusted specialist, or

2. You’d like to show appreciation for our unique, free content

Good advice really is the ultimate system improver, time and money saver, but those seeking it must navigate an almost endless sea of misinformation, useless opinion and nonsense.

For genuinely great advice and expert insight, you’ll need a specialist. Find a good one and treat them well because the value of expert insight vs misinformation and opinion cannot be overstated.

“Spend $10 or $20 to get the best advice you can find from Mike, and please, stop quoting forum posts as authorities. Only the guys who actually work, live and breathe this stuff really know what they are doing. Trust them, not random strangers, shills and very biased (sometimes blind) owners. Else you can end up with some very expensive mistakes that for a few dollars sent his way, Mike can save you from.”


An Expectation Problem

Perhaps because we provide all of our articles, reviews and hundreds of thousands of words of advice, tips and tricks freely and for the benefit of all, some assume we operate a free ‘hi-fi helpline’ too. We don’t. We do love helping though and our advice, insight and experience with classic hi-fi equipment mean people around the world seek out our assistance.

Most appreciate what we do for the hi-fi community and understand that I can’t spend hours a day answering questions. However, an entitled minority are either oblivious or don’t care and expect our assistance, as though they are owed it.

Imagine contacting a doctor, lawyer or mechanic you’ve never done business with, expecting them to give up their valuable time to help you with something that doesn’t generate any business for them and then threatening them when they don’t wish to assist?! People like this exist and you wouldn’t want to help them any more than I do.

“Your videos and articles are a terrific resource for people who love hi-fi, but don’t know what is good and what is over-hyped and over-priced. I encourage people to support Mike and his business with a small donation, as I have done. He is truly independent and calls it as he sees it, which is difficult to find these days. Hi-fi magazines are full of glowing reviews, from brands that also advertise with the magazine…”


The Solution

We introduced donations partly as a filter, to help us focus on people who do value our time and appreciate rather than expect our assistance. A good concept I reckon!

This system works well and:

  • Creates fair, mutually beneficial interactions
  • Naturally filters entitled enquirers
  • Reduces general enquiry volume/workload

We continue to assist customers and the hi-fi community with unique, free content, technical services and advice.