Why should I make a donation?

The donation button lets people make small contributions or micro-payments in exchange for my assistance, and in appreciation of my articles, from anywhere in the world.

Good advice is like gold, potentially saving people time, money and energy. Like gold, not many people offer the real thing. There’s a lot of fake and low-quality stuff around and it takes expertise, energy and time to provide good advice. Few technicians who really know their stuff assist non-customers in the ways I am willing and able to.

Micro-payments work very well for almost everyone because they:

  • Allow remuneration for small amounts of time
  • Provide high-value and a mutually beneficial interaction
  • Deliver unbiased, informed advice, rather than the usual hearsay/opinion/speculation
  • Deliver enquirers who appreciate the time, effort and expertise behind the advice

I say this works well for almost everyone because people who expect everything for free (you’d be surprised how many there are) likely won’t appreciate this concept at all!