LM3886 Gainclone Chip-Amp Project Build

In this article, I discuss the history of the LM3886/chip-amp/gaincard and run through building my own dual-mono LM3886 gainclone amplifier. The LM3886 is one of Texas Instrument’s single-chip monolithic amplifier integrated circuits. It’s almost an entire amplifier-on-a-chip, with only a few extra parts required to build a fully functional, high-performance amplifier. The LM3886 features low […]

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LM4780 Gainclone Chip-Amp Project

After successfully building my LM3886-based gainclone project amplifier, I’ve decided to build a version that is better suited to driving low impedance loads. This lead me to the LM4780 chip from TI, which is just two LM3886 dies in the one package. It can be used as a stereo amp, or a bridged or paralleled

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