Are there any other repairers in Perth you can recommend?

My goal is to help you and look after your equipment, so the answer is a very limited yes.

I’m always happy to recommend nice people doing good work. If I’m fully booked and you can’t wait, I’d rather you take your equipment to someone capable than have it ruined.

I have two suggestions. Both are colleagues, great guys, technically skilled and care about their work:

  • Jason @ The Speaker Doctor / The Turntable Doctor, for speakers, turntables, and other things. Jason is a good friend and highly recommended.
  • John @ JW Electronics has a ton of experience and repairs a wide range of gear, including home cinema equipment and car stereo.

If you do decide to use either of these gentlemen, please let them know I referred you. That helps me in some small way, as they know where the referral came from.

“But Mike, what about ‘Buzztronics’ and many others you’ve not mentioned..?”

There’s a reason I’ve not recommended any other repairers here. Rest assured, as I learn of other good repairers, I’ll recommend them.