Are you bothered that people seek advice from Liquid Audio but take their business elsewhere?

Many specialist small businesses like ours are battling online discounters, copy-cats and zero-service retailers.

I’m flattered that people seek out our help, but people visit us for a reason. We work hard to create great content, deliver the very best advice and a unique experience. If those we help take their business elsewhere, how does that help us?

Retail colleagues tell me they often advise people about equipment, even lend it out, only to have those they’ve helped purchase products from other online discounters. Honestly, this is appalling and we deal with it too:

“Mike, I used your review to help find a vintage Pioneer turntable and bought a cartridge and headshell you recommended from (someone else). Can you tell me how to set it up..?”

“Mike I read your article about repairing xyz. I don’t want to bring my equipment to you but can you tell me the parts you used and where to get them..?”

You’ve gotta be kidding?! NO!

Who in their right mind thinks this sort of behaviour is OK? People get so caught up chasing ‘bargains’ that they lose sight of the bigger picture and the people in it.

If you enjoy our website, if we’ve helped you with a purchase or taught you something, don’t be mean-spirited, support us! Much of what’s here is unique and the only place you can find such information. Do you value the great information you can find here? Well, you can say thanks by shouting me a drink.

Best of all, if you live in WA, why not ask us to service your equipment, fit a new headshell, cartridge, fasteners and wires for you and anything else that fits your budget. You’ll be building a relationship with a trusted specialist and everyone involved in the process benefits 😊