Are you concerned that people use your advice but take their business elsewhere?

Parts and equipment sales are a relatively minor aspect of this business, but we are not alone in dealing with the scourge of online, zero-service discounters and shoppers who seek expert advice but take their business to non-expert discounters.

This is unfortunate, though we will continue to help people wherever we can. Content on this website has helped many find great equipment and sparked much interest in classic hi-fi and turntables. I know this because people tell me so!

Unfortunately, some folks read these articles, hit me up for advice and then purchase something I supply – a cartridge for example – elsewhere. Getting help from a specialist, but then buying the thing you want elsewhere for a few bucks less might seem great to you, except:

a) The specialist misses out, despite having spent time educating the customer and helping make the sale

b) The cartridge (for example) still needs to be expertly fitted and aligned and most owners and stores cannot do that

I buy cartridges in small numbers so don’t receive the bulk purchase discounts big retailers do. I offer a lot more than any big retailer can though, including a complete service including system analysis, recommendation, supply, fitment and precision alignment of cartridges.

This is where the balance tips in my favour. I don’t charge for fitting and expertly aligning cartridges I supply over a certain price point. Try getting that from an online retailer!