Everyone has a different opinion, where can I get good advice?

There’s misinformation and nonsense in any technical field and hi-fi is one of the worst for this, for various reasons. You are likely to get the best advice by speaking with specialists.

People often tell me:

“I read in a forum that I should buy XYZ…”

The problem is that most people writing in forums simply don’t have the technical understanding or experience to be able to contribute anything useful. Really. Even the better audio and hi-fi forums are filled with subjective and conflicting opinions, technically incorrect misinformation, pseudo-science and plenty of babbling weirdos to be honest!

Often a source of unknown validity will start a ‘rumour’ which is then spread as fact by others lacking the technical understanding to filter it. Most readers of this nonsense don’t know which bits of information are important, right, wrong or ridiculous, creating a rabbit hole of wasted time, energy and money. Life really is too short.

Note, I’m not talking about specialised private technical forums here. Some of those, like my old favourite Tektronix Yahoo group were phenomenal. But a group like this, inhabited by engineers and informed folks, is a very different thing from a general audio forum.

The best and most qualified people I know in this space aren’t involved in public hi-fi forums. When you run a successful business, website or shop, you simply don’t have time or energy to waste engaging with them. I suggest you seek out these folks.