Can you help me fix my equipment without me bringing it to you?

If you are purchasing a consult, I’ll do my best to assist you and a video consult helps significantly.

We need to be sensible though. If you’ve ever tried to help an elderly family member fix a computer problem over the phone, you’ll know it can be one of the most challenging tasks humans are faced with!

So it is with electronics repairs. The person doing the repairs needs the right tools, parts, diagnostic techniques, test gear, service data, etc. In most cases, it’s not sensible for owners to attempt to repair their equipment, but with the right guidance, these issues can certainly be ‘eased’.

If you cannot bring equipment to me, I’m happy to discuss the problems and provide some useful advice that might get you on the right track. Simply make a donation via the Contact page for a brief chat. For a more detailed discussion, purchase a consult block, again, via the contact page.