Is it worth getting my dual cassette deck serviced or repaired?

That generally depends on whether it needs service or repair. For machines needing repair, it’s often not worth it.

You see, dual or double cassette machines were generally the cheapest cassette machines of their time. Now, consider that cassette deck maintenance can be some of the most labour intensive work we do. How many cassette deck mechanisms are in a double cassette deck? Two!

This unfortunately means doubling the already time-consuming technical workload in most cases, and that can mean a lot of work, sometimes way more than these decks are worth. If both decks work and they need cleaning and service work, then yes, it’s probably worth doing. If the deck/s need repair though in the form of idlers, belts etc, then it’s generally something to avoid, unless cost is not a concern.

Now, don’t shoot the messenger here. I’m interested in saving you money and pain, and I’m always going to give you the facts, rather than what you want to hear. Is it worth spending a lot of time and money on a deck that might be worth $100? This is a question for owners of course and there are more than just financial considerations, but the low inherent value of this sort of cassette deck makes all but standard service work often not viable.