Mike, how do you feel about people seeking your advice and taking their business elsewhere?

It happens to all of us, the trick is to filter out those with a propensity to do this before wasting time and energy on them.

I’m pleased that we’ve become a trusted source of advice and guidance over the years, a lot of hard work has gone into building that reputation and trust.

“Mike, I used your review to learn about and find a vintage Pioneer turntable you recommended, and bought the cartridge and headshell you recommended elsewhere. Can you tell me how to set it all up..?”

Person A

Absolutely, if you purchase a suitable length consult.

Support Small Business

When you support independent, specialists like Liquid Audio, you’re supporting me and my work. Many of us battle zero-service online discounters and grey importers offering nothing other than marginally cheaper products that they buy in bulk. Price is important, but the bigger picture and developing a relationship with local businesses is far more important.

“Mike I read your article about repairing xyz. I don’t want to bring my equipment to you but can you tell me what parts you used and where to get them..?”

Person B

Again, if you purchase a consult of the correct length, I’d be happy to enlighten you.


Customers are often inspired to buy interesting equipment and accessories through the website or a chat with me. This ‘organic learning’ is incredibly useful. Building a relationship with someone you can trust is infinitely more beneficial in the long term than saving fifty bucks.

If you enjoy this website, if you’ve found inspiration here or if I’ve taught you something, support my business! You can say thanks by shouting me a drink in the footer. Better still, grab some advice or best of all, support us by giving us your business and engaging us to work on some equipment for you.

By doing these things, you’ll be building a relationship with someone rolling up their sleeves and contributing, educating, and helping, rather than just selling boxes and cashing in on other people’s hard work 😊

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