Mike, what’s the silliest thing anyone’s ever said to you?!

Remember I was a science teacher for 15 years so I’ve heard it all including that the earth is flat and that we never went to the moon, etc…

BUT, if we restrict these questions to me running Liquid Audio, probably the silliest thing anyone ever said to me was a guy who told me I “stole his capacitors.” I kid you not, I’d replaced some 40-year-old electrolytic capacitors in a preamplifier and he assumed I’d stolen them. Stolen them???! OLD CAPACITORS???! Now that’s silly.

This is the audio world so we are dealing with a few out-there folks, but there were several problems here. He didn’t realise that: a) 40-year-old dead electrolytic capacitors have no value, b) NEW electrolytic capacitors have almost no value, c) I own thousands of capacitors, d) I’ve never stolen anything in my life, not even a chocolate bar!

Trust me, folks, if I wanted to steal something and profit from it, it wouldn’t be 40-year-old electrolytic capacitors.

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