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Yamaha GT-2000 Turntable Service

The Yamaha GT-2000 is one of my favourite turntables. Let’s take one of the first-ever close-up looks inside this great deck from the golden era. It’s true, I do love the Yamaha GT-2000 direct-drive turntable and have written about them several times. In that article, I reviewed a Yamaha GT-2000 and documented replacing the audio […]

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Yamaha GT-2000 Turntable Review & Cable Replacement

The Yamaha GT-2000 direct-drive turntable is a super-deck from the golden era. Come along as I install a new RCA cable on this beautiful deck. Make no mistake, if you want one of the very best turntables, it’s going to be a high-end deck from Japan. For many, it will be a direct-drive deck like

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