DP 62L

Denon DP-62L Turntable Service & Review

The Denon DP-62L direct-drive turntable is an often overlooked gem, less well-known than many contemporaries. In my endeavours to bring you interesting equipment you may not be aware of, let’s take a closer look. I often work on turntables where I find myself thinking “If I didn’t have other decks, this would do really nicely” […]

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Yamaha GT-2000 Turntable Service

The Yamaha GT-2000 is one of my favourite turntables. Let’s take one of the first-ever close-up looks inside this great deck from the golden era. It’s true, I do love the Yamaha GT-2000 direct-drive turntable and have written about them several times. In that article, I reviewed a Yamaha GT-2000 and documented replacing the audio

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A New Reference Turntable is Coming…

If you love high-end turntables and a good story, you’ll love my new reference turntable resurrection project – coming soon! The resurrection of this reference turntable has taken me a year and involved plenty of pain, suffering and obstacles. It’s been totally worth it though. Bringing this extraordinary, heavyweight vinyl playback machine back to life

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I’m Selling My Beloved Kenwood KD-600!

It’s true, I have too many turntables, including a couple of end-game machines, so sadly, I have to let my beloved Kenwood KD-600 direct-drive turntable go. I’ve been working on a secret project here @ Liquid Audio, a statement, end-game turntable resurrection. That project is now complete, details to follow, but because of this, my

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Technics SL-M3 Turntable Repair & Service

Here’s a deck that received some attention whilst it was with me. Come with me for this second #TechnicsMonth article as I repair and service a beautiful Technics SL-M3 linear-tracking turntable. Do you like awesome turntables, Technics gear and fine furniture? If so, you’ll definitely love the Technics SL-M3 linear tracking direct drive turntable! Few

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