It’s true, I have too many turntables, including a couple of end-game machines, so sadly, I have to let my beloved Kenwood KD-600 direct-drive turntable go.

I’ve been working on a secret project here @ Liquid Audio, a statement, end-game turntable resurrection. That project is now complete, details to follow, but because of this, my treasured KD-600 has to go.

UPDATE: Equipment like this never lasts long and she is now SOLD, to a very happy new owner!

The Best Kenwood KD-600..?

Yes, my Kenwood KD-600 is for sale and yes, this is a super-rare opportunity to grab a highly sought-after and legendary vinyl spinner. It’s hard for me to believe too, but I only need one turntable and I have three tying up serious funds, so it’s a case of needing to rationalise.

Kenwood KD-600

This gorgeous Kenwood KD-600 has been a part of my personal collection for 15 years. She’s played some amazing vinyl and never let me down. I’m genuinely sad to see her go, but she needs a new home. I have an idea where she might end up…

Kenwood KD-600

Key Features

It goes without saying that this superb deck is in pristine, collectors’ condition. She features a gorgeous Jelco SA-750D tonearm ($1000), custom arm board made by yours truly, Jelco JAC-502 (Mogami) tonearm cable ($200+) and genuine Kenwood metal hinges, as opposed to the factory plastic ones.

My KD-600 is an unmarked, locally delivered Australian 240V unit. She plays records superbly and the combination of the Jelco arm and heavy ARCB chassis delivers what’s on the record, without the extra flavour that some seem to like, but that isn’t meant to be there!

In terms of maintenance, I’ve owned this deck for nearly 15 years so she’s impeccably maintained and recently serviced. She won’t disappoint.

Genuine Kenwood metal hinges imported from the US of A!
The Kenwood touch sensor is one of the most beautiful aesthetic and tactile elements of the KD-600.
That’s $200 AUD of premium Jelco (Mogami) tonearm cable
img 6486
The Jelco HS-25 headshell with Ortofon MC 15 Super II moving coil cartridge and genuine Jelco mounting hardware. I can install whatever cartridge your heart desires!

I’ve written about these very special decks many times over the years, so check this review, this previously sold beauty, this on my turntable and this service for more on what is certainly one of my favourite serious but not silly Japanese turntables.

I’ve had strong interest in this deck so it will sell quickly. Local buyers preferred, priced at around $2500 AUD.

UPDATE: This beautiful deck has now SOLD!

Kenwood KD-600


Jelco HS-25
The Jelco HS-25 magnesium headshell is one of my favourite headshells for sensible money. Just beautifully made.
Farewell, my old girl…

Kenwood KD-600

Kenwood KD-600
Jelco tonearm and headshell boxes included, just leave my tools and equipment!

8 thoughts on “I’m Selling My Beloved Kenwood KD-600!”

  1. Wow, Congrats Mike on your upgrade! Somehow, part of me is sad to see you part ways with the Kenwood though. Also, as a huge fan of both the KD 600 & the Jelco arms I’d like to congratulate the lucky new owner. LPs have always been my favorite format for music listening but the Kenwood ARCB ‘tables are (once Mike turned me on to them with his numerous articles extolling their virtues) the biggest single enhancement to my music enjoyment. They rekindled & amplified my passion for vinyl to an all time high in my early 50s. Somehow I completely missed out on their existence BITD. I suspect it was simply a matter of no hi-fi dealers in my immediate area carrying them. Weight, impact, & dynamics are the most thrilling aspects of music to me & these Kenwoods really deliver the goods in those areas.

    1. Thanks Tim, I’m really pleased you have discovered these amazing decks and that they have re-fired your love of vinyl! You’ve done a great job of summarizing some of the musical benefits of the 600 and 650. I will always love these decks, amazing engineering, aesthetics and performance.

  2. Well done on the sale Mike and I’m sure the new owner will be extremely happy with this for a long time. Mine is still going strong, I never get sick of using it or just looking at its beauty! I’m excited to see what the replacement is for you…I’ll stay tuned!

  3. Hi Mike,
    one quick question about these „genuine Kenwood metal hinges„: could you please tell me what sort of hinges you used there? Were they from another Kenwood model?
    Best regards…

    1. Hi Adrian, thanks for your question, these hinges came from a time when you could still get NOS parts from one or two suppliers. Sadly this was years ago and supplies have been exhausted. I believe they were a Kenwood replacement specifically for this and other models that used these hinges. I can now get new plastic hinges that fit these decks. They aren’t as good as these metal ones and don’t fully support the weight of lids as heavy as the 600/650, but they are available for decks that come to me for service.

  4. Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. I was afraid you’d say that. Well, I’m gonna keep looking for the time being. Maybe I get lucky 😉 . But it is possible that I will come back to your offer regarding these plastic hinges at some point. Best regards…

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