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Liquid Audio is Again Fully Booked

Liquid Audio is again fully booked for hi-fi equipment service, repair and restoration. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Hi everyone, I’m fully booked again and temporarily holding new bookings until I clear some of the current customer backlog. Don’t worry, I’ll be accepting new bookings again soon and my apologies if you have been waiting.

Temporarily stopping new bookings gives me the time to clear some of the backlog. I genuinely appreciate your business and if you’d like to enquire about booking equipment in or have other questions, feel free to get in touch. 

Liquid Mike

As a kid, I cherished my Tandy 200-in-1 electronics project lab, Dick Smith electronics kits, my Dad's hi-fi and my own first proper system. Later, I created Liquid Audio to help keep classic hi-fi gear alive and well. Our mission: to deliver TLC for classic Japanese, American and European hi-fi stereo equipment.

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  1. Tim Davis

    You can’t hide talent!

    1. Liquid Mike

      Ha ha, I feel like I need to hide right now, Tim!

  2. mk

    its ok,ill get you later,when your not so busy,will be worth the wait,cheers mk

    1. Liquid Mike

      No problem, feel free to call in the meantime though, that way I’ll know what’s coming!

  3. Chaz Honus

    The plight of the self employed specialists ….. too bad you can’t clone yourself

    1. Liquid Mike

      Thanks Chaz, let me know if you come up with a way to do that, although I’m not sure I’d want to work with me!

  4. John Hughes

    Hi Mike, I’m a long way away, in the United Kingdom. But I have a KD 500 which I bought in Canada, and have recently moved back home. When I went to connect it all up again, with a power converter, 240 to 120 volt, the power came on and immediately went off. I am assuming that it is the power supply transformer, but can find no one able to help me over here. Am I able to get a replacement anywhere that you know of?. If so is it something that I would be able to complete. Hoping you can give me some info to assist me. John

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi John, thanks for your question. The fault may actually be something else entirely, it may not be the transformer. There certainly are repair solutions if it is blown, but the much more important first step is to correctly diagnose what is wrong. Once that’s done, a repair solution can be devised. I have transformer suppliers and could likely supply something that might work either inside or outside the case, but as you can imagine, all of this requires careful analysis and testing of your actual deck, measuring dimensions etc. This means I need it here and you are a long way away. might be best to give me a call to discuss this one, I’m open from 10 am to 5 pm Perth time if you feel like chatting further about this one.

      1. Liam

        Hey Mike, Phone stage on my Cyrus 1 started cracking last night. CD stage already went that way, so was using a different stage for CD. Any idea when booking might be open again and I might be able to book in? Understand totally if you are swamped.

        1. Liquid Mike

          Hi Liam, thanks for getting in touch. I suggest giving me a call to discuss this one. I am swamped, but we can at least chat about the issue and when we might book it in.

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