Marantz 2330 Monster Receiver Restoration & Repair

Monster receivers, you know I love them. Nothing screams statement hi-fi gear louder than the monster receivers of the '70s and '80s and this Marantz 2330 is up there with the best. The Marantz 2330 is a heavy receiver, actually very heavy for its moderate size - it's dense. It's…

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Marantz SC-80 Preamplifier Repair

A customer recently asked me to look at his immaculate Marantz SC-80/SM-80 pre/power combo. In this article, I look at the SC-80 preamplifier. The Marantz SC-80, and its partner, matching Marantz SM-80, are quality mid-range separates hailing from around 1990. They are unremarkable in terms of circuit layout and construction,…

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