Can you call me back when you are accepting bookings?

If I could remember to do that for the many dozens who ask me to, I would, so my apologies but not yet anyway.

It’s purely down to logistics. Keep in mind it’s just me running the business and I receive dozens of requests for bookings, per week sometimes! If I were to record the details of every enquiry and then try to call or email everyone back when I’m taking bookings, assuming I could even keep track of all that, I’d probably never get any work done!

Until I get someone to assist me, the most sensible way to manage these enquiries is for customers to keep an eye on the dedicated booking status indicator on my Contact page that I created for this purpose and either contact me or get back in touch when I’m taking bookings.

My apologies for there not yet being a better way to manage this. That being said, people who want to get work in are almost always able to do so!