Can you just sell me a belt for my turntable?

Sorry but no, we don’t sell ‘bare’ service parts to the general public.

“But I don’t understand why you won’t sell me a belt, are you just trying to be difficult..?!”

Not at all. I simply don’t have the time or inclination to deal with parts sales and my time is far better spent fixing things for people.

I honestly can’t think of anything worse than discussing and selling parts all day and then dealing with the “It doesn’t fit”, “I don’t know how to install it”, “I chose the wrong part” and “My whatever still isn’t running right” follow-up conversations. Sorry, it’s just not my gig.

I will, however, gladly supply and fit any of the thousands of parts we have in stock when you book your equipment in for maintenance. If you are trying to save money by doing some service work yourself that’s great but be aware that most people have no idea what to do, apart from perhaps replacing a belt. Worse still, many wrongly assume that a belt for example is all that’s needed.

All the other adjustments, cleaning, lubrication and parts replacements that make a huge contribution to performance tend to be ignored until equipment fails. Doing the bare minimum is a poor maintenance strategy, so if you’d like assistance with the maintenance of your equipment, get in touch via our contact form.