Which hi-fi stores in Perth do you recommend?

There are several excellent hi-fi stores in Perth where you’ll find excellent service, sensible advice and a chance to properly listen to good hi-fi equipment.

I recommend the following stores and sales staff:

  • Addicted to Audio in Subiaco. Dan is a great guy and really knows his stuff, plus this store has some really interesting brands and loads of personal audio gear.
  • Douglas HiFi in Osborne Park. For audio, chat with my friends Simon and Tony, ethical salespeople and nice guys, with a wealth of hi-fi experience. Douglas is evolving back into what it always was – a proper hi-fi stereo store!
  • Frank Prowse Hi-Fi in Nedlands. Owner David Prowse is one of the nicest guys in audio. He is ably assisted by great staff in one of Perth’s oldest and best-regarded proper hi-fi stores.
  • Revolution Turntable in Osborne Park. My friend Pierre is the owner, the official Australian Accuphase importer, a proper vinyl enthusiast and a genuinely nice guy. He stocks a range of great hi-fi stereo gear and is ably assisted by Jim.
  • West Coast Hi-Fi in Joondalup. Speak to Kim, another lovely guy, West Coast has a huge range of hi-fi and home cinema gear and very competitive pricing.