Why are you so often fully booked?

Whilst I can’t apologise for being busy, I understand and sincerely apologise for any frustration it may cause!

The Liquid Audio workshop is full, or nearly full, for much of each year these days. There are various reasons for this and, reading between the lines, you’ll probably have realised that we’re a little different from other businesses.

By focusing on technical excellence, being quite specific about what we take on and not obsessing about turnover, we operate on a different rhythm. We don’t advertise, people seek out our services and many seem happy to wait. Yes, I’d very much like a Hawaiian holiday and a new car and probably need both, but these things don’t drive me or my business. A camping trip in the old Prado suits me very well.

I try to help as many people as I can, and this can slow me down. Over the years I’ve accepted that other people’s equipment issues don’t necessarily have to become mine and I’m getting better at saying no, so that helps.

Whatever the causes, a full booking schedule creates issues for my customers and again I apologise for any inconvenience. I genuinely appreciate your patience and promise that just about everyone who wants to get equipment to us is eventually able to!