Why did you remove the phone number from your contact page?

To reduce the number of calls and text messages I receive!

You see, many of the calls and messages I receive are non-work-related and interfere with workflow. Messages are problematic as I often have no idea who they are from and many are from people I’ve never spoken to before. Calls are problematic because they can chew up a lot of time.

Liquid Audio is not a retailer. Generally speaking, the only calls I should be receiving are from people wanting to book equipment in for work, or from folks who’ve purchased advice blocks or consults from our popular advisory service. Beyond this, calls and messages are actually a distraction.

Contact Form

We have streamlined processes in place for handling all enquiries via our contact form. The contact form captures critical information relating to the type of enquiry, personal details and the equipment in question. It has been carefully crafted to collect all the information I need before speaking with people, maximising efficiency and minimising wasted time.

If you need to get in touch, the best way is to fill out the contact form, on our contact page. Alternatively, if you are already a customer, or if you have a business card given to you by one of Perth’s best hi-fi retailers, you are of course welcome to call.

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