Why did you remove the phone number from your contact page?

Basically, we were receiving too many calls and messages and this was interfering with workflow.

People seek guidance in choosing hi-fi gear, in purchasing hi-fi gear, advice regarding equipment comparisons, repairs, fault diagnosis, and so on. People also want to discuss potential bookings, equipment problems, the list is endless.

The problem for us is that we have processes in place to help people with advice and an online process for arranging bookings that captures critical information and reduces the volume of calls and messages that prevent me from getting work done. And yet people call, and message, even when it clearly stated we don’t use messages for business…

So with that in mind, a few people suggested removing our number from the site which I did, and it was a good decision. This has dramatically reduced call volume, strange out-of-hours calls, weekend calls and random text messages. We still get calls from folks who are given our business cards in Perth hi-fi stores, but that’s OK.

If you need to get in touch, you’ll have my number on a business card or you should fill out the contact form, on our contact page which captures all the necessary details.