Why do you work from home?

There are various reasons, but like many new millennium businesses, I’ve broken the mould in terms of “needing” a store, because it turns out I don’t need a store at all!

We don’t offer parts only retail sales thank goodness, so I don’t need the added costs and complexity of a retail shopfront or dealing with the general public dropping in. This gives me much more flexibility in terms of where I can work and much greater focus.

It suits me to work from home, for many reasons. All my stock, test and measurement equipment is here, along with tools, parts, reference materials, etc. I also can free up my time, I have no daily commute, parking, or fuel costs. I take a break when I feel like or need one, etc.

In running a small, specialist business like this one, there is simply no advantage to retaining a shopfront, and many disadvantages. My reduced costs can be passed on to customers too, so that’s another bonus from running a business from home.

Occasionally people will expect me to work from a shop, but that’s just a hangover from another time and an oldworldly way of viewing things. Times have changed!

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