Why should I purchase an advice bite or consult?


Most people seeking specialist assistance via a consult of some sort do so because they value expertise and all that goes with it. Expertise brings many benefits and folks who’ve often invested decades into their craft can deliver experience, insight and knowledge simply unavailable elsewhere.

Get the best advice you can find from Mike, and please, stop quoting forum posts as authorities. Only the guys who actually work, live and breathe this stuff really know.

Jon S


People don’t front up to a doctor or lawyer expecting free help and visits with my accountant and doctor certainly aren’t free. Why so many seem to expect our assistance for free is strange, especially given how much I’ve contributed for free over more than a decade!

Unlike many retailers, forums and other non-specialist sources, we provide informed, independent advice free from conflicts of interest, delivering many benefits to those seeking a higher calibre of assistance. Those expecting help often fail to consider that they are one of many or that ‘quick questions’ often become 15 – 30-minute conversations, dozens of times a week. It’s not possible to sustain the loss of that much valuable and otherwise productive time, on top of all that we already do.


Here’s a snapshot of what expectation and entitlement look like. The TLDR: it costs nothing to be reasonable and respectful!

Example 1: ‘G’ sought technical assistance with his valuable Sansui amplifier. I assisted him, but when I suggested he purchase time to address his follow-up questions, G exploded: “F*** you, I’m not going to pay you for a simple question, that speaks to how miserable you are.” Me, or you, G..?

Example 2: ‘K’ wanted KD-600 turntable improvement advice after enjoying several long conversations and our unique KD-600 articles. When I mentioned he’d need to purchase a consult, K threatened: “I know someone in the Australian Tax Office”. Ironically, K contacted me again years later, wanting more advice and hoping I’d forgotten. I haven’t.

Example 3: ‘M’ purchased a 30-minute consult leading to an end-game Accuphase amplifier purchase from Japan. He kept asking questions after his consult ended though, claiming he’d “paid for 60 minutes”, “only received 20” and that my records would prove it. They didn’t. I sent proof of his 30-minute purchase, our 34-minute call and the bonus 15 minutes he’d received by email, expecting the apology any reasonable person would offer, especially given his appallingly ungrateful behaviour. You can guess what happened, which is why you’re reading about it.


Mike … you, of course, are a gem. We are so lucky to have someone as passionate, intelligent, ethical and hardworking in little ol’ Perth.

David H

The Solution

Our pre-paid advisory service helps me focus on helping people who really appreciate it. Advice seekers can pre-purchase customised blocks of time tailored to their needs, and extra time can be added as needed, aligning with our core values of maximum value and minimum wastage.

The ‘pre’ + ‘payment’ combination is the perfect filter, significantly reducing time/energy/goodwill-draining interactions whilst fostering positive, productive, mutually beneficial exchanges with nice people 🙂

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