Why should I purchase an advice block?

Probably because you appreciate the value of independent, expert assistance, how rare this particular type of assistance is and understand that time is money, for all of us.

Good advice is the ultimate system improver, time and money saver. Finding it is another matter and navigating the sea of misinformation, opinion, conflicts of interest and nonsense in hi-fi can be tedious. But it doesn’t have to be. You just need to speak to the right specialist.

UPDATE: We’ve just revised our advisory service, read more about that here.

Get the best advice you can find from Mike, and please, stop quoting forum posts as authorities. Only the guys who actually work, live and breathe this stuff really know what they are doing. Trust them, not random strangers, shills and very biased (sometimes blind) owners. Else you can end up with some very expensive mistakes that … Mike can save you from.


We’ve written hundreds of articles, and hundreds of thousands of words, raised awareness about classic hi-fi equipment, repaired thousands of pieces of gear and helped hi-fi lovers around the world with advice, for more than a decade. Not bad for a one-man operation.

An Expectation Problem

I’m flattered that people seek out our expertise, but they do so knowing our reputation for excellence, independence and cutting through the BS. Try to find another classic hi-fi equipment expert (not a retailer selling products) willing to offer advice to the general public. None of my repair colleagues offers such a service!

Unfortunately, a minority seem to expect our assistance, as though expecting the advice and time of any specialist as an unknown, non-customer is somehow normal! I can’t just ring a doctor and ask them to help me with something I want to chat about!

For perspective, imagine contacting an engineer or lawyer you don’t know, expecting them to help you with something that consumes valuable time and doesn’t generate business. Imagine this happening many times a day. Then imagine abusing or threatening them if they don’t wish to assist!

This is what we deal with and it’s why we introduced a micropayment for service advisory model and made other significant changes more recently.

Your videos and articles are a terrific resource for people who love hi-fi, but don’t know what is good and what is over-hyped and over-priced. I encourage people to support Mike and his business with a small donation, as I have done. He is truly independent and calls it as he sees it, which is difficult to find these days. Hi-fi magazines are full of glowing reviews, from brands that also advertise with the magazine…


A Simple Solution

We introduced advice micropayments to create a much-needed filter and to help the service break even. Paying fairly for a specialist’s time creates a mutually beneficial, respectful interaction, rather than a one-way brain drain. Reasonable people implicitly understand the fairness of the concept, whilst others… well they don’t.

The micropayments model allows us to:

  • Provide high-quality, personalised assistance to people who appreciate it
  • Filter out those who seem unable to grasp the concept of reciprocity
  • Focus on work, repairs, writing, eating, sleeping

We continue to assist customers and the hi-fi community with articles, reviews and specialist technical services 🙏