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Queens of the Stone Age Rock Perth Arena

Rippling bass lines, droning guitars and pounding drums filled Perth Arena last night, as Queens of the Stone Age kicked out the jams for a very appreciative crowd.

Josh Homme and the band were in fine form as they ground out a long list of classics and new stuff from their repertoire. We were lucky enough to be up the front, in the pit, but things mostly stayed pretty civilised.

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Clockwork Orange theme music played as we watched this, very impressive.

Gig-goers were treated to great visuals and awesome sound as Queens of the Stone Age played one great song after another. I was particularly impressed with the awesome LED stage lighting and effects. I particularly liked the LED light sticks that Josh relentlessly kicked and dragged around the stage.

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Light stick ‘thing’ after an attack by Josh Homme! Stage looks great doesn’t it?
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This just looks cool too…

Homme swaggered around the stage, engaging with the crowd and occasionally spitting uncomfortably close to band mates! There was great camaraderie on show and the guys clearly enjoyed themselves. They were in fine form too, I didn’t hear a bum note the entire night.

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Great lighting and superb sound marked an excellent performance.
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Epic, clean, tight performance

All in all, Queens of the Stone Age put on a memorable performance. I have to give it up for Perth Arena too. It felt much more intimate than I remembered, no doubt partly due to being down the front this time, instead of sitting down, which really sucks. The sound was great, everyone could see what was going on and this really is a huge improvement over the old Entertainment Centre.

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Definitely worth a few snaps!

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