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Quad 44 Preamplifier Service

I’ve just serviced a Quad 44 preamplifier. In this article, I’ll show you what the Quad 44 looks like inside and explain some of its features. Along with a Quad 405 power amplifier, I recently serviced this Quad 44 preamplifier, both owned by the same customer. I’m told he purchased them after a chat we […]

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Quad 405 Amplifier Service & Refresh

Readers will know how much I like the Quad 405 amplifier. In this article, I look at the Quad 405 amplifier service process and what’s involved when a 405 visits Liquid Audio. Talk about great-sounding amps, this particular Quad 405 is completely original, with its original capacitors and connectors. The new owner wanted me to

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