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Hi-Fi Bargains & New Acquisitions

Happy New Year everyone, I trust that the year has started well for you. I thought I’d briefly share a few of the more affordable pieces of hi-fi equipment I’ve serviced, repaired and overhauled so far in 2023, as well as look at a couple of recent acquisitions of my own. Welcome to 2023! Quad […]

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Quad 44 Preamplifier Service

I’ve just serviced a Quad 44 preamplifier. In this article, I’ll show you what the Quad 44 looks like inside and explain some of its features. Along with a Quad 405 power amplifier, I recently serviced this Quad 44 preamplifier, both owned by the same customer. I’m told he purchased them after a chat we

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Quad 405 Amplifier Service & Refresh

Readers will know how much I like the Quad 405 amplifier. In this article, I look at the Quad 405 amplifier service process and what’s involved when a 405 visits Liquid Audio. Talk about great-sounding amps, this particular Quad 405 is completely original, with its original capacitors and connectors. The new owner wanted me to

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Quad 405/405-2 Power Amplifier Review

In this second of my Quad 405 series, I review the legendary Quad 405-2. Find out why there is so much love for these amazing little amplifiers and why you should buy one. The Quad 405 and Quad 405-2 are incredible amplifiers, even now, some 40+ years after they were introduced to the world. This

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Quad 405-2 Power Amplifier Restoration

Come along as I overhaul and upgrade a beautiful British classic, the Quad 405-2 power amplifier. The Quad 405-2 is still revered, some 40 years after its release. These are truly special amplifiers, don’t let the understated English looks fool you. What almost all of them need however is work, so come along for this

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