Vintage Luxman SQ-505 Integrated Amplifier for Sale


Customers often ask what items I have for sale. Well, one of the nicest pieces I currently have on offer is this gorgeous, vintage, one owner from new, Luxman SQ-505 integrated amplifier, Priced to sell at $395. Contact me via liquidaudio@iinet.net.au for more details.

This amp really is a vintage model, made in 1968 or 69 and being a Luxman it’s a very cool piece. The amplifier features a nice phono preamplifier built-in, using all discrete transistors and plenty of premium styroseal capacitors. Their use is rare in modern, affordable gear, due to their high cost but Luxman have always been fond of them, for good reason. The Luxman SQ-505 is completely original and has nothing more than a few scuffs on the real wood enclosure that would be easily fixed by anyone with some woodworking skills. These amplifiers are rapidly becoming very collectible, one recently sold in the UK for around $800.

I have tested this SQ-505 on the bench to around 32 watts per channel, continuous, into 8 ohms, which is right on spec. Great information can be found here: http://audio-database.com/LUXMANALPINE-LUXMAN/amp/sq505-e.html

The amplifier has been fully bench tested and is working very nicely. Please note however that she is a true vintage piece and any new owner should discuss servicing options with me prior to purchase. She might work perfectly for months or years, but she does contain some old capacitors and it would be wise to replace these at some point. I am happy to restore the old girl at a reduced rate for any interested customer.

Here are a few pics of the old girl:

Gorgeous front panel, lots of inputs and flexibility in switching


Wooden case is very good overall with nice square corners, but could do with a little rub back on the top


Another angle – she looks good no matter where you are standing!


Lots of inputs, phono and tape head included!



Look at the card construction here – the amp is built like a piece of lab gear.


Quality of construction is superb – you don’t find machined heat-sinks like this on modern gear and the card construction makes servicing a breeze.


More of these lovely cards, this makes servicing a breeze.


Build quality is amazing, certainly worlds away from what you get now in consumer gear. The loomed wiring is just beautiful and of course all done by hand.


Detail of the gorgeous transformer and original capacitors – this is perfect for somebody who wants to own a true vintage hifi classic.


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