Ericsson Ericofon ‘Cobra’ Phone Repair Attempt…

A friend of mine recently asked me to take a look at her Ericsson Ericofon, commonly known as the Ericsson ‘Cobra’ phone, just the other day. I was away from home and so I had no test and measurement gear, no soldering iron, no tools, but we made do with a few things she had at her place.

The Ericsson Ericofon was a classic Ericsson design, originating from the 1940’s, and made all the way through to until around 1980. The phone is a classic design and has become quite collectible, with many for sale on eBay. The phone has also made appearances in lots of movies. You can read all about the Ericsson Ericofon here.

The first thing I noticed was the great Swedish build quality, down to the RIFA capacitor, right in front on your eyes as you open the phone up. There seemed to be an issue with the ringer, as we could get a dial tone, just no ring from the phone. The phone certainly needed some TLC, I oiled a few spots as best I could, using a small screwdriver to apply oil to the dialer gears and spindle, I cleaned some contacts and disassembled the ringer, all to no avail. This repair will require a part two!

In the meantime, have a look at the very nice money shots:

IMG 2332
What a classic shape!
IMG 2333
Machine screws into metal threaded inserts hold this baby together – nothing but the best from Sweden!
The problematic ringer mechanism. Now if I had a few more things with me, I might have had a shot at repairing the old girl. I need to test that capacitor and try to power the ringer externally, or at least test the power to it.
Look at that lovely RIFA polystyrene cap and those beautiful ceramic resistors.
IMG 2335
More investigation required to see what’s going one here…


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