Mackie HRS120 THX Subwoofer Review

I want to tell you about an amazing subwoofer that few people know about – the awesome Mackie HRS120 THX studio subwoofer.

The HRS120 is a monster, weighing in at nearly 50kg and able to deliver 400 watts continuously, via a proper high-power linear amplifier and power supply. All this power is fed into a downward-firing 12-inch RCF bass driver, made in Italy.

Italian Driver

RCF build superb drivers, which are often used in studio and commercial equipment. It’s unusual to find a driver of this quality in domestic equipment. The cabinet is 25mm MDF on all sides and there is a 12-inch passive radiator to add to the prodigious bass output. The sub is basically flat down to 20Hz, extraordinary for any sub-bass system.

These HRS120 subs are one of the best-kept secrets in home audio, probably because they weren’t really meant for home audio. Rather, these were mostly used in studios, which should give you an idea of their quality. Mackie is essentially a studio brand and this sub was marketed as part of the Mackie high-resolution or ‘HR’ product lineup.

Seriously, the HRS120 annihilates most home sub-bass systems in build and sound quality and I strongly urge you to grab one, or at least have a listen if you ever get the opportunity.

Some Pics!
Looking down, onto the bottom of the sub. You can see the RCF bass driver, power amplifier and very solid feet. Note the massive heatsinking on the linear amplifier – this thing is a beast!.
This is the incredible 12 inch RCF bass driver, with pleated surround that will never rot like foam and a massive magnet assembly. The driver faces downwards, with spacing from the floor determined by the screw-in feet.
Yes, that’s right, this sub will draw 575 Watts, at full power! This indicates that the amplifier inside really can deliver 400W RMS, unlike many pretenders out there. If in doubt, always check the power consumption figures. Amplifier power output must always be less than power consumption, or else we have created an energy creation device, now that would be something to write about!
My apologies for the blurry image of the sideways-facing passive radiator.
The amplifier module covers the entire back panel. Note the balanced as well as single-ended inputs and outputs, a sign of the sub’s studio intentions.

Mackie HRS120 Subwoofer


Sound Quality


Configuration Options


Quality of Construction


Bang per Buck



  • Awesome sub-bass performance
  • Massive build
  • Pro-quality RCF bass-driver
  • Excellent linear amplifer
  • Excellent value used


  • Drab looking
  • Not the punchiest bass
  • Draws too much power in standy
  • It's BIG!

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5 thoughts on “Mackie HRS120 THX Subwoofer Review”

      1. Hi,

        Would you ship to UK?

        I have been looking for one of these for a long time.

        How much do you want for it?



        1. Hi Matthew, shipping to the UK would be very expensive for a 50kg sub of this size, but she is also not currently for sale, I plan on keeping her for now! Regards, Mike.

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