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Mackie HRS120 THX Studio Subwoofer For Sale

I’m selling an amazing subwoofer – the awesome Mackie HRS120 THX studio subwoofer. Grab it for just $1395. UPDATE – SOLD!

The Mackie HRS120 is a monster, weighing in at nearly 50kg. It’s able to deliver 400 watts continuously, via a high-power linear amplifier and power supply. All this power feeds into a downward-firing 12-inch Italian RCF bass driver.

This HRS120 sub is an awesome performer for home audio. Used mostly in studios, to master THX soundtracks, the HRS120 is a serious contender. The sub was part of the Mackie high-resolution or ‘HR’ product lineup.

This example is in excellent condition, just missing the fabric from the cover. This is easy to fix, but honestly it looks better without the grille on.

If you want a really good sub, this is an excellent option. It can be yours for just $1395. Contact me for more details.



  • Professional Recording Studios
  • Film (THX) & Post Production Studios
  • Home Theater Installations

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Active Technology Benefit: Precise phase alignment Benefit: Extremely low distortion Benefit: Minimal chance of speaker damage due to overdriving
  • Servo Loop Woofer Technology Benefit: Output is as true to incoming signal as possible Benefit: Extraordinarily high damping factors
  • Built-In, Front-Firing, Mass-Loaded Passive Radiator Benefit: Clear, detailed low frequency enhancement
  • User-Adjustable Controls Benefit: Flexibility to adjust to wide range of user needs

HRS120 Features:

  • Extended high-resolution output down to 19 Hz
  • Adjustable high pass output for use with full range monitors
  • Adjustable 60 to 110 Hz crossover point
  • 110 Hz elliptical filter for Dolby AC-3
  • dB/+10 dB Output Level switch for AC-3 and THX Dot1 recording
  • Crossover Defeat switch for THX
  • 0(0)/180(0) Polarity switch
  • Balanced XLR/unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs

Acoustic Performance

  • Free field frequency response: 21Hz – 150Hz +/-1.5dB
  • LF cut-off frequency: -3dB at 19Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level @1 meter, 7.5dBu into balanced input: 100dB SPL@1m


  • Low frequency: 12-inch (305mm) RCF Precision, extended LF transducer with 4-inch voice coil and cast aluminum frame
  • Passive radiator: 12″(305mm)


  • Power: 400 watts, 8 Ohm load (500 watts peak)
  • Slew rate: >35V/s
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >107db
  • Distortion THD/SMPTE/IMD/DIM100: <0.02%
  • Type: FR Series Class AB


  • Enclosure: 3/4″ (19mm) MDF with 1.25″ (32mm) MDF top panel, internal bracing
  • Damping: Adiabatic foam


  • Subsonic Filter: flat/15Hz, 18dB/octave filter
  • Filter bypass: In/full range (THX)
  • Filter Select: Variable/110Hz elliptical
  • Polarity: 0/180
  • Variable crossover: 55Hz to 110Hz, 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley filter

Product weight & dimensions (without packaging):

  • Height: 21″ (533mm)
  • Width: 18″ (457mm)
  • Depth: 21.3″ (541mm)
  • Weight: 94 lbs (42.6 kg)
Some Pics…
Looking down, onto the bottom of the sub. You can see the RCF bass driver, power amplifier and very solid feet. Note the massive heatsinking on the linear amplifier – this thing is a beast!.
This is the incredible 12 inch RCF bass driver, with pleated surround that will never rot like foam and a massive magnet assembly. The driver faces downwards, with spacing from the floor determined by the screw-in feet.
This sub will draw 575 Watts, at full power. This indicates that the amplifier inside really can deliver 400W RMS, unlike many pretenders out there. If in doubt, always check the power consumption figures. Amplifier power output must always be less than power consumption, or else we have created an energy creation device, now that would be something to write about!
My apologies for the blurry image of the sideways-facing passive radiator.
The amplifier module covers the entire back panel. Note the balanced as well as single-ended inputs and outputs, a sign of the sub’s studio intentions.

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3 thoughts on “Mackie HRS120 THX Studio Subwoofer For Sale”

  1. Thank you for sharing this detailed view of the mighty HRS120! These are very difficult to find, I have been looking for a long time but rarely see any for sale. Best regards stoffenL

    1. i’m also looking for one 120 or 150 if someone has one to sell
      let me know 😉
      best regards boys

  2. HI David
    Im searching a mackie HRS120 like this one or a 150 version to buy , unfortunately due to his old end of production, i couldnt find some..
    do you still have one to sell or maybe you know someone?
    best regards

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