I’ve now finished restoring a lovely Sansui BA-F1 DC power amplifier. The Sansui BA-F1 is a beast of an amplifier from the golden era of hi-fi.

This Sansui BA-F1 has had a hard life but will be good as new, once I’ve finished this restoration. I’m replacing all board-mounted capacitors, along with a few semiconductors. I am also cleaning and tidying up wiring and board goofs made by whoever repaired this previously.

I will write a full article soon, but hopefully, this will whet your appetite. And a big thank you to Rob, my most patient customer, thanks mate!

Sansui BA-F1
Sansui BA-F1
Sansui BA-F1
Sansui BA-F1
Restored output amplifier module. This has blown up in the past and been put back together with half the screws missing and no heatsink paste! Both issues have now been rectified and the output devices now have nice new silicone thermal washers.

2 thoughts on “Sansui BA-F1 Amplifier Restoration Update”

  1. What would approximate restoration cost be for a Sansui BA-F1 be. Just picked up a used one which I have not even received yet but thinking about having proper needed updated replacement work done to ensure it lasts for many years to come. I have no electrical knowledge although my father who is 93 worked for IBM for 30 years stating back in the late 60’s he should be able to help me diagnose the unit. I purchased this specifically for my personal use to power a pair of Klipsch Herresys that I had wanted for many years. I am also interested in any info on getting new bulbs for the VU meters and even changing the color of the bulbs as well. I would be interested in entertaining a bid or approximate cost to update the necessary parts to bring it up to date for my personal use not to restore for sale or profit.
    Thank You,

    Marcus Ehler
    SLC. Utah, USA

    1. Hi Marcus and thanks for your enquiry. I’d really need to inspect your BA-F1 to give you a better idea, based on exactly what your BA-F1 needs. The bigger issue though is that you are in the USA and I am based here in Australia. I’m fully booked for interstate and overseas jobs right now, but you are welcome to keep an eye on our booking status, on the contact page. I’d suggest a really good local specialist if you can find one though, as this will save a ton on shipping, insurance etc.

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