Lenco GL75 Rim Drive Turntable for Sale 

I’m selling a gorgeous old Lenco GL75 rim drive turntable, made in Switzerland, just $175. UPDATE – SOLD!

A quick google search will show you how legendary these decks are and throw up a wealth of information. This GL75 is perfect for a project, perhaps with a nice new heavy-duty custom plinth.

I’ve had a chance to test her and everything works. The armboard is cut for a Rega arm, but others like Linn will likely fit.

Asking just $175 for this old girl! SOLD!

2 thoughts on “Lenco GL75 Rim Drive Turntable for Sale ”

    1. Hi Brian, happy to take her to your shipping agent of choice, but I always leave shipping arrangements to the buyer. I find Pack and Send are excellent for items like this. Regards, Mike

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