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Accuphase M-60 Power Amplifiers Repair & Restoration

I recently repaired and completely restored two stunning Accuphase M-60 monophonic power amplifiers. Read on to learn how these wonderful amplifiers were ruined by a local Perth electronics repairer, before they came to me.

The Accuphase M-60 is a monophonic power amplifier. It was Accuphase’s top of the range when introduced in 1975 and it was and is capable of driving almost anything.… Read more

Latest Accuphase Gear in the House!

A customer of mine recently purchased some great new Accuphase gear, spurred on by me of course, and he kindly brought a couple of pieces over for me to look at.

First up, we have an amazing Accuphase  C-280 preamplifier. This was Accuphase’s statement preamplifier in the 1980’s and it is an amazing piece of engineering. With completely dual-mono construction, including two transformers, the C-280 also sports two sets of filter capacitors and two complete sets of phono, line and buffer amplifier blocks, in individual aluminium heatsink enclosures.… Read more

Accuphase C-202 Class A Preamplifier Service

As a bit of a teaser for the new year, I hope you like this piece on servicing my Accuphase C-202 preamplifier. The C-202 is a line-level, Class-A preamplifier, with dedicated CD buffer and is fully hardware balanced. It is a superb piece of gear.

I pulled the main circuit board to address some dry joints and clean tobacco residue, left from the previous owner.… Read more

Kenwood L-1000 Series – Exceptional Audio Components

I was recently asked by a customer to service and repair two of his gorgeous Kenwood L-1000 series components. In the lab this time were an L-1000T tuner and matching L-1000D compact disc player. All I can is wow! This gear is seriously well put-together and just beautifully engineered.

In what was a great result, I successfully repaired both units.… Read more