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Denon SL-7D Direct Drive Turntable Service & Review

This lovely Denon SL-7D direct drive turntable needed a thorough service in order to play records nicely again. I figured it was a great opportunity to review this classic deck.

I’ve written about the Denon SL-7D previously, they are good, honest turntables and I enjoy working on them. The SL-7D definitely isn’t a super-deck, but they are well-engineered turntables, relatively affordable and, with regular service, should provide many years of listening pleasure.… Read more “Denon SL-7D Direct Drive Turntable Service & Review”

New Hi-Fi Equipment for Sale @ Liquid Audio

I’ve just added three great new pieces of hi-fi gear for sale @ Liquid Audio. Check out my For Sale page for all the latest equipment on offer.

First up, we have a superb hi-fi / home cinema subwoofer, built some years ago by yours truly. Just $795.

This is a sealed subwoofer using several excellent design elements.… Read more “New Hi-Fi Equipment for Sale @ Liquid Audio”

Sound Foundations Record Stabilizing Ring Clamp Review

Record clamps are an important part of a good vinyl replay system, most commonly in the form of center or spindle clamps. I wanted to find an affordable peripheral clamp I could recommend, however. I may have…

Searching online for a peripheral or ring-type record clamp to review, I stumbled across Sound Foundations, operating out of Mumbai, India.… Read more “Sound Foundations Record Stabilizing Ring Clamp Review”

Rega Planar 2 Belt-Drive Turntable Service

I have recently been restoring a lovely old Rega Planar 2 for a customer of mine. It reminded me how great the older Regas are, and why you are better off restoring an old Rega than buying a new one.

The old Planars, like the one on my workbench, are much better made than the new ones.… Read more “Rega Planar 2 Belt-Drive Turntable Service”

Kenwood L-07D Direct Drive Turntable Repair & Restoration

Finally, the Kenwood L-07D I have been restoring is repaired and working perfectly.

I completed a very thorough overhaul and restoration on the deck after it arrived not functioning correctly. The platter was over-speeding and there were other operational malfunctions.

I decided that it would be a great project to restore this beautiful piece of equipment.… Read more “Kenwood L-07D Direct Drive Turntable Repair & Restoration”