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Denon SL-7D Direct Drive Turntable Service & Review

This lovely Denon SL-7D direct drive turntable needed a thorough service and set-up to play records nicely again. I figured it was a good opportunity to include a review of this classic deck.

I’ve written about the Denon SL-7D previously. They are a good, honest turntable that I enjoy working on. Sure, the SL-7D isn’t a super-deck, but they are solid, well-engineered turntables that you can obtain relatively affordably and should provide many years of listening pleasure if looked after.… Read more

Sound Foundations Record Stabilizing Ring Clamp Review

Record clamps are an important part of a good vinyl replay system. Most often, these take the form of center or spindle clamps. I was keen to find a good, affordable peripheral or ring clamp that I could recommend, however. I may have – read on.

A while back I was searching online for a peripheral or ring-type record clamp to review, and I stumbled across Sound Foundations, operating out of Mumbai, India.… Read more

Kenwood L-07D Direct Drive Turntable Repair & Restoration

Finally, the Kenwood L-07D I have been restoring is repaired and working perfectly.

I completed a very thorough overhaul and restoration on the deck after it arrived not functioning correctly. The platter was over-speeding and there were other operational malfunctions.

I decided that it would be a great project to restore this beautiful piece of equipment.… Read more

Liquid Audio is About to Give Hi-Fi A Lotta Love!

Welcome everyone, to my new Liquid Audio website, and my first post, ever!

Great news audio lovers, precision hi-fi repairs and servicing are now available right here in Perth, Western Australia.

Liquid Audio will take care of all your hi-fi servicing and repair needs. Just visit my contact page to send me your particular requirements, or just to ask a question.… Read more