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Technics SL-10 Direct-Drive Turntable Review

The Technics SL-10 direct-drive turntable continues Technics’ tradition of innovation and beautiful design. Find out why the SL-10 is one of the best vintage turntable buys today.

The Technics SL-10 direct-drive turntable represented the pinnacle of design, engineering and product marketing when it arrived to market in 1979. It truly re-defined what could be done and therefore what the consumer expected in the vinyl replay space.… Read more

The Gorgeous Technics SL-10 Playing Vintage Vinyl

Just a very quick video post today, showing a stunning Technics SL-10 I’ve just finished¬† servicing, playing some vintage vinyl.

The Technics SL-10 was and still is a groundbreaking deck in many ways. I’ll be doing a full service article and review soon, but in the meantime, enjoy some specs, and a video!… Read more