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WOW! Rare Kenwood KD-650 Direct Drive Turntable. Multi-Voltage, Restored, $1750 AUD.

UPDATE – Sold in less than 24 hours to a very lucky new owner!

Turntable lovers, take a look at this. Here is a rare opportunity to purchase this stunning Kenwood KD-650 direct drive turntable. These decks almost never come up for sale, but this KD-650, in superb original condition, is restored, serviced and ready for her next owner to enjoy.

The KD-650 is 15kg of metal, synthetic concrete, acrylic and computer-controlled motor. She plays records superbly, as one would expect of a deck like this from the golden era.

Of course, sonically and build-wise, it crushes new decks at this price point and above. It also has real vintage audio cred and sonic goodness that new stuff will never have.

Decks like this KD-650 make modern gear look lame to be brutally honest. There will come a time when you won’t be able to buy a KD-600 or KD-650 for any less than 5K, but in the meantime, thank goodness we still can.

I recently overhauled and serviced this machine, installed new lighting in the power/locked indicator, replaced all the small control board capacitors, serviced the motor and just installed a brand new Rega Carbon cartridge to ready the deck for sale. The cartridge has zero hours use.

This deck is ready to play records and any other cartridge can, of course, be supplied and installed at the purchaser’s request.

The owner of this gorgeous deck has a genuine reason for sale, having just purchased an even better (and much more expensive) turntable. His beloved Kenwood has to go, his loss, your gain.

Note that the arm lifter is a little recalcitrant and, whilst it lowers the arm nice and slowly, it returns to the lowered position by itself. I have just added some fresh silicone damping oil though, and it’s behaviour has improved.

Arm lifter plus arm height adjustment.
Yep, rare dual 120V / 240V operation on this one.

International shipping is possible, though it will be expensive. I’d factor in $500+AUD insured shipping to Europe or North America. For this reason and to avoid the risk of damage, a local sale is very much preferred.

As sold, after fitment with gorgeous AT-OC9 mk3 moving coil cartridge.

If you have queries or questions about this beautiful deck, let me know.

Gorgeous Ortofon LH-9000 headshell.

This is the best adjustable overhang headshell Ortofon makes and one of the best available, period. It has a retail price of 189 EURO. Comes with its original box and headshell wires. Like new and a silly price of just $125. How has this not sold?!

  • Universal mount
  • Magnesium with carbon fibre
  • Weight – 16.8 grams
  • Mounting distance – min 38 mm, max 46 mm
  • High Purity Copper headshell leads (LW-7N) included

Audio Technica AT-LH13/OCC Headshell

This is a superb headshell, also like new, with box and headshell wires. Yours for just $95.

  • 13g adjustable headshell manufactured from TechniHard™
  • Adjustable overhang and adjustable azimuth
  • Threaded headshell avoiding in use of nuts when fitting cartridge
  • 7 pairs of installation screws
  • Supplied with PCOCC wires

A 13g adjustable headshell manufactured from TechniHard™ material, complete with AT6101 quad wire. The AT-LH13/OCC has an adjustable overhang and adjustable azimuth, as well as internal headshell threads to avoid the use of nuts when fitting cartridges.


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