Latest Accuphase Gear in the House!

A customer of mine recently purchased some great new Accuphase gear, spurred on by me of course, and he kindly brought a couple of pieces over for me to look at.

First up, we have an amazing Accuphase  C-280 preamplifier. This was Accuphase’s statement preamplifier in the 1980’s and it is an amazing piece of engineering. With completely dual-mono construction, including two transformers, the C-280 also sports two sets of filter capacitors and two complete sets of phono, line and buffer amplifier blocks, in individual aluminium heatsink enclosures. The C-280 also has a full-featured phono pre-amplifier with adjustable gain settings, handy if you run a turntable with a moving coil cartridge.

You can read more about the Accuphase C-280 at The Vintage Knob. You should also check out the brochure on this historic model.


Wow, look at those individual amplifier blocks!


The second Accuphase piece Tim brought over was a gorgeous P-260 power amplifier. Again, sporting classic champagne styling, with dual analog power meters and drop-down aluminium front panel, this example also has a real wooden enclosure, an optional extra at the time of purchase. As always, the P-260 is seriously heavy, sounds sublime and is rated at 130 watts per channel into 8 ohms, with around 30 watts available in pure class-A, a nice design feature. The amplifier features MOSFET output devices and push-pull DC coupled amplifiers in all preceding stages.

You should have a good look at the P-260 brochure, as it explains all of the now trademark circuit features and design strengths.



3 thoughts on “Latest Accuphase Gear in the House!”

  1. Dear Sir,
    Are the Accuphase c-280 and amp still available? I am interested in them.
    Chok Ming Pang. (Melbourne)

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