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Stay Tuned!

Despite a healthy dose of writer’s block, I have lots of great service, repair and restoration articles coming. Stay tuned for these and many, MANY other great stories!

It’s definitely worth mentioning how much I appreciate my customers, regular visitors and readers. What you see below is a tiny fraction of this year’s work alone, and that’s a big part of the problem, but I won’t bore you with that. There are hundreds of articles to come, I’m hoping my new laptop will help, along with a few workflow changes. Suggestions are always welcome.

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Ultra-rare Luxman C-10 line-level preamplifier. Another 25kg beast. “But hi-fi equipment now is better than ever…”. Is it, are you sure about that…?!

4 thoughts on “Stay Tuned!”

  1. This is one of a tech like yourself, from U.K. he made this video about 5 months ago. On bad packaging of a shipped turntable .Very interesting. Almost destroyed. it`s about 10 minutes long. Best to you…… Brian.
    View it here;

  2. Hi Mike,
    Great to see you’re back in black …ink that is, have been missing your always informative articles and repairs as well as what you have coming up for sale on the odd occasion too. There are always such fabulous in depth information and details I love it all.
    Keep it happening mate

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