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Beautiful Yamaha CA-2010 Integrated Amplifier Repair & Restoration

Yamaha’s beautiful CA-2010 must be one of the best-looking integrated amplifiers of all time. Come with me as I repair and restore this classic amplifier in my last article for 2018.

The Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier is just beautiful and Yamaha knows it. Most people know it too and in fact, this aesthetic design works so well that Yamaha recently introduced a whole range of high-end products that mimic these classic looks, almost to a tee!… Read more

Classic Hi-Fi Service & Repair

Liquid Audio proudly offers service and repair for all classic hi-fi electronics and turntables.

Look no further than Liquid Audio for all your classic hi-fi service & repair needs. Located in Carine, Western Australia, I offer professional, personalised service and care for your hi-fi equipment.

We do things a little differently to other electronics repairers and hi-fi stereo equipment is the only thing we touch.… Read more

Luxman M-4000A Amplifier Repair & Restoration

I recently restored this gorgeous Luxman M-4000A power amplifier and matching C-5000A preamplifier. Let’s start with the beautiful M-4000A.

Apparently, the legendary Tim De Paravicini designed the original M-4000. The improved and even rarer Luxman M-4000A probably also came from De Paravicini’s hand, but nobody seems to know for sure.… Read more