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Kenwood KD-500/KD-550 Turntable Review

Kenwood’s legendary KD-500/KD-550 direct-drive turntables are classics from an era when things were built to last. Indeed, if decks like the KD-500/KD-550 with this level of custom engineering were manufactured now, they would cost many, many thousands of dollars. The Technics SL-1200 is a classic example – it’s recently been reissued and costs thousands. This […]

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Luxman PD-555 / Ortofon RS-309D Turntable Set-Up

I have just completed the set-up and service of a gorgeous Luxman PD-555 belt-drive turntable, one of the best high-end turntables money can buy – a true statement piece. The Luxman PD-555 was at the top of the Luxman range of belt drive decks in the late 70s and early 80s. This turntable was a

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Latest Turntable Repairs

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted for a while now because I have literally been flat-out with the latest turntable repairs and servicing! Seriously – I haven’t had a chance to even scratch my @#se. Recently I have serviced a kooky Sharp RP-105 linear tracking, drawer-loading both sides player – crazy repair – the owner had

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Servicing Your Turntable Will Improve Its Performance

Clients will often ask “Mike, does my deck really need a service?” My answer is always the same and based purely on my experience – there are very few situations where a service won’t make a really noticeable improvement in operational and sonic performance. I usually reply with “Have you ever had it serviced?”, “Has the

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