Site Improvements :)

Hi audio friends, just a very quick update today to let you know about a few site improvements I’ve made recently.

Firstly, I’ve revamped my Contact page. Improvements mean it’s now easier to submit enquiries and I’ve added a country of residence field, which helps me respond to the many overseas messages I receive. I’ve also added a field allowing you to submit suggestions and requests, so please go ahead and use that! Let me know if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see.

Secondly, I’ve added a feedback form to my Customer Feedback page. This allows you to directly submit feedback about work Liquid Audio has done for you. While you’re there, why not read some of the great feedback Liquid Audio has received.

Finally, I’ve dramatically improved my FAQs page. I’ve added a bunch of questions and answers about repairs, warranty, post-purchase inspections and many more. I hope you find them useful and if you’d like to see other questions answered there, why not tell me using my newly enhanced Contact page.

I have many more stories on the go, I’ll be adding new content as fast as I am able, in between repairs and servicing.


Hi, thanks for stopping by, leave a comment and share your thoughts!