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Liquid Audio Hits 100K Views!

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my hifi repair and restoration website¬†or entrusted me to provide a little love to their cherished audio gear. Liquid Audio¬†officially¬†hit the 100,000 views mark back in April, so it’s about time I posted something about this milestone!

Back in 2012, when I started the Liquid Audio website, I never guessed that I would hit 100,000 page views, let alone achieve that in 4 years.… Read more

Stats are Booming!

Stats for the Liquid Audio website are booming right now. We’ve just had our biggest month ever, with nearly 5,500 views in January, 2016!

Thanks everyone for visiting, taking the time to read and leave comment. Keep visiting, liking posts and leaving comments and sharing my articles and website on social media. Everything you do in terms of visiting, liking and sharing my the content helps to grow our readership and boost stats.… Read more