Technics SL-1300 Direct Drive Turntable Service

The Technics SL-1300 is a great example of what I am talking about when I refer to classic direct drive decks from the golden era of excellence in the engineering and manufacture of turntables.

Technics made a range of decks and this was one of the best of the consumer models. With a nicely balanced 2.5kg platter, aluminium chassis, Technics’ proprietary one-piece motor and platter arrangement and nice automation of start, stop and play functions, this is one deck to watch out for. Add in that the deck includes a good tonearm and perhaps a Shure M97xE to get you started and you just can’t go wrong.

My customer’s deck had some speed control issues which were fairly easily resolved by cleaning and lubricating the speed control potentiometers on the chassis, and on the control board. I also lubed the spindle bearing with synthetic bearing oil and of course setup the arm and cartridge to Technics specifications. Technics specify an amount of overhang for their included Shure M91ED, and I am happy to go with that rather than make the cart fit a different alignment profile.

After a clean and lube of on-board controls, mechanical linkages and connectors, this deck came up perfectly and will live to play many more records for years to come.





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