Are there any other repairers in Perth you recommend?

Yes, I’m interested in keeping classic hi-fi gear running, so I’m always happy to recommend good people doing good work and discourage ill-advised repair attempts.

It’s a limited yes though. If we’re fully booked and you’d rather not wait, I understand. Rather than having your equipment potentially ruined or not properly repaired, I have two recommendations. Both are colleagues, great people, highly skilled and care about their work:

  • Jason @ The Speaker Doctor / The Turntable Doctor, for speakers, turntables, and other things. Jason is a good friend and highly recommended.
  • John @ JW Electronics has a ton of experience and repairs a wide range of gear, including home cinema equipment and car stereo. Also highly recommended, for a slightly different type of gear than I focus on.

If you do decide to use either of these good gents, please let them know I referred you.

“Mike, aren’t you worried about giving work away to competitors?”

Not at all, I’m comfortable recommending good people because it helps you and your equipment. Customers choose to come to us for particular reasons and many are happy to wait for booking availability, but I get that the wait can be tedious, I really do. The repairers I’ve recommended send work our way too, so it all balances out.