Everyone has a different opinion, where can I find good advice?

There’s misinformation, marketing BS and pseudoscience in any technical field and hi-fi is one of the worst. Finding good advice isn’t easy.

I often speak with advice seekers who’ll say things like:

“Mike, I read in a forum that I should buy XYZ, what do you think…?”

Typical advice-seeker

The overwhelming problem is that many, or even most people don’t have the understanding or experience to be able to contribute anything useful to the topic they are advising others about. Forums are often filled with subjective and conflicting opinions, technically incorrect ‘facts’, pseudo-science and worse. Note: I’m not talking about all forums. Some, like my old favourite Tektronix Yahoo group, are a literal goldmine of great people and information. But this is a very different thing from your typical hi-fi forum.

Then you have retailers, often blinded by marketing mumbo-jumbo and spewing it out, parrot-fashion. Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent retailers out there, but everyone reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about. Most don’t know which information is important, right, wrong, ridiculous etc, creating rabbit holes of wasted time, energy and money.

For the best advice, you need complete independence that isn’t tainted by the need to sell products or push a particular opinion. I suggest something like our advisory service, accessible via our contact page.

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