My rare and valuable amplifier has failed, how much will it cost to repair?

Something I’d like to know too, but something we can’t know until we’ve assessed your equipment and figured out exactly what’s gone wrong with it.

This question is always genuinely surprising to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not surprised people want to know how much their repair will cost, of course they do. But asking before we’ve even had a chance to look at it?? I’m good at what I do, but that’s just silly! With the failure of a big amplifier (or any amplifier), it’s simply impossible to know how much repairs will be until we’ve figured out exactly what’s gone wrong and why.

Yes, we’ll have ideas about possible failure modes, parts and places to start looking. We then need to measure and test to determine precisely which parts have failed, if these have caused any other related failures, calculate replacement parts costs, determine a list of replacements for the inevitably NLA parts, estimate how long repairs will take and how much time will be needed to service, align and verify that YOUR amplifier works perfectly.

How much will that cost? You are welcome to book it in for assessment and we’ll provide you with an estimate. Keep in mind that this is where the expertise comes in.

This question is literally like ringing a mechanic and asking:

“My car stopped running, what’s wrong with it and what will it cost to repair..?”

An assessment is needed to determine the scope of work and establish an estimate. This fundamental starting point cannot be skipped. If you try, you’ll end up dealing with the wrong people and something even worse than a dead but fixable amplifier – a ruined amplifier.