My rare and valuable amplifier has failed, how much will it cost to repair?

Good question and one that we cannot answer until we’ve assessed your equipment and figured out exactly what’s gone wrong with it.

This concept should make immediate sense to just about everyone, yet I’m amazed at how often people ask the question.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all surprised that people want to know how much their repair will cost, but asking for a ‘quote’ to repair your Sansui AU-20000 for example when we haven’t even taken the lid off is quite literally like ringing a mechanic when your Ferrari won’t start and asking:

“What’s wrong with it and what will it cost to repair..?”

Every failure is different, it’s impossible to know why or the extent of the damage until the amplifier has been inspected and the fault/s diagnosed. This is always the first step in professional failure analysis, damage assessment and repair. Be very wary of anyone telling you otherwise.

A repair cost estimate must consider:

  • Fault tracing and diagnosis
  • Failed part assessment
  • Replacement parts costs
  • Repair time
  • Testing and calibration time
  • Contingencies

Have a look at my recent Krell KSA-100S repair for example. I could never have guessed the hidden issue with that amp, despite having fixed a few of these beasts. Guessing about repair costs isn’t part of any sensible approach and professionals don’t do it.

It’s really worth processing this because the last thing you want is to deal with the wrong people and end up with something even worse than a dead but fixable amplifier – a ruined amplifier. At that point, it’s too late, even if you take it to a professional.