Liquid Audio is Back Online!

Another quick update: I’m feeling much better now, and things are back to normal here at Liquid Audio. Liquid Audio is back online!

If you’d like me to service or repair any of your hi-fi electronics, turntables and radio gear, don’t hesitate to get in contact. I’m always busy, but getting in early means you get your equipment back sooner!

2 thoughts on “Liquid Audio is Back Online!”

  1. Very glad to hear you’re back to full strength Mike! I want your customers to know how lucky they are to have a resource like Liquid Audio available. We have a good service guy in my area as well but he is so busy with work that there is a 6 month or more turnaround on his services.

    1. Thanks Tim, turns out I’m not quite there but at least back to work. I also have quite a backlog of work but I really shouldn’t complain!

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