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Liquid Mike has COVID…😷

That’s right, I’ve avoided it all this time, but COVID finally got me, big time! This variant packs a punch, I’ve been wiped out for over a week and recovery is s-l-o-w, for me anyway.

My symptoms include joint pain, fever, headache, malaise and loss of smell/taste/energy. I’m still knackered, so bear with me as I focus on existing customer inventory, whilst my energy returns.

On another note, all articles, FAQs and pages longer than a couple of paragraphs now have tables of contents, so that’s a win! Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement.

Sending good vibes to anyone dealing with COVID 💪

Update: As of 22 December, I’m feeling much better. Still dealing with some ongoing tiredness, but this should improve over time.

22 thoughts on “Liquid Mike has COVID…😷”

  1. Please get well soon Sir, we wish you all the best and follow the routine as prescribed by the doctor .Please do 9ne exercise by inhaling and raising your both the hands simultaneously and then simultaneously bring down your both the hands while exhaling ,it will be goid for your lungs to make it strong .You can do thoscexercise after covid symptoms are gone but at the same time consult your doctor about this to do this exercise or not during this covid period .It is a good and simple exercise to do for one minute,two minutes depending on your capacity of the lungs .

    Please have a faith in you and you will come out of it successfully.


    Umesh C U
    India .

  2. Hello Mike.
    I’m sorry you have contracted Covid.
    This influence strikes with different strengths depending on your physical state.
    Last spring it hit me hard too.
    I hope you get back in shape soon. In the meantime you can rest and listen to some good records.
    Greetings from Stefano (Italy).

  3. timothy joel davis

    Damn it Mike! I’m so sorry to hear that. Me, I been dodging it here on the east coast of the United States for the whole time now despite being in a delivery job that takes me to at least 10 physical locations daily times 5 each week. I got the original Johnson vaccine & a Phizer booster. Moving forward for others hoping to avoid re-infection, my best recommendation is this, once a day drink enough alcohol to get a buzz. Seriously, I started doing that 3 years before Covid broke in the US just because I could. The results of my daily drinking are as follows; every year of my life prior to taking on this imbibing activity I averaged 1.5 nasty respiratory infections every year. From a toddler up until 6 years ago. Since then, NOTHING, not one nasal, sinus, lung, or throat or anywhere else in the breathing pathway infection. It might all be coincidence but still, I feel like I would not be doing right by good folks like yourself if’n I didn’t share my experiences in this area. Best wishes for a full speedy recovery!!

  4. Sorry to hear that mate. So perhaps you can LISTEN to some jazz on one of those awesome amps and enjoy the quality instead of working on them for a while!! Get better soon!!

  5. rest up Mike….hopefully this is the one and only time you ever get covid. keep up outstanding work

  6. I hope you get better soon Mike. It hits the best of us (which perhaps explains why I haven’t yet succumbed).
    Steve (Marantz SC/SM80)

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